April 12, 2012

Galaxy Note Review: Android Smartphone

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Remember Galaxy is one of the largest single phone I had the privilege of using the hardware in question. The quality construction of the device, in general, feel great when held in hand, the accent of chrome on the side (which resembled the old iPod touch Series) I was able to withstand the phone to operate. Back where I was a little disappointed, but then the back of the device feels quite firm when it is clear to see that the plastic used on the back of the device is relatively inexpensive and articulated.

The hardware components will all happen at the time of your screen and that's where we start. Last year, Samsung Galaxy S, that blows away any other display is superb Super AMOLED screen which showed vivid colors ever seen on mobile. Do better than Samsung and note 2, Galaxy S Plus Super AMOLED screen again shows the border with vibrant colors and new technology to save energy. However, the screen resolution of Samsung for the best production forced once again to create what is probably the best representation possible in a phone at the moment, the Super AMOLED screen high definition.

Virus On Mac: Can Macs Get Viruses?

Virus On Mac: Can Macs Get Viruses?
Virus affects anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 Apple Mac computers from the firm to be stable, although it is difficult. More importantly, the company may be forced to be more open with their software, or virus Apple would be much worse.

The Mac virus Trojan horse technique, called a flashback BackDoor.Flashback.39 or disguised as a false start the download of the Flash player too often in popular required to view video on the Internet. Dr. Web from 57 percent of attacks apparently happened in the U.S., with 20 percent in Canada.

The big problem, experts say, is that Apple is aware of any weaknesses in your system as far in February, but not fast enough in the case of malware to avoid.

"For now we see that the risks also apply to Apple," said the Nikko Hypponen, chief research officer at security firm F-Secure, Metro News Canada. "I think this is the first of more to come, I think the halcyon days of virus-free Macs behind us."

April 6, 2012

Apple TV Jailbreak Apps - iOS Apps

Hackers have found some applications for IOS to HDTV via Apple TV jailbreak.

A developer called Steve Troughton-Smith and Nick "TheMudkip" the construction of the bridge with an alternative to the built in Apple seedlings (screen) Mobilex. A demonstration of Apple TV is jailbroken the latest version of Seas0nPass loose and running websites and applications such as Maps, YouTube, Facebook and Cydia via SSH and VNC connections.

As you see in the video, Mobilex problems with some delays and accidents, so he is not ready for the public. But developer enthusiasts can download the necessary application source for the Apple TV remote control to determine when Mobilex finally made its debut.

March 30, 2012

Up Date Google - Play Store : New Tabbed My Apps UI

Up Date Google - Play Store
Updated begins to push the game of push to build a store of Google 05/03/15. This is a change in the interface for the user area "My Apps" and some new useful features built into the application to be reviewed more in line with the desktop version. For us, outside of North America seems to change also the name of "Shop and Play" with much better sound "Play Shop".

The amendments replace "My Apps" is the most obvious change with the update. Gone are the only - and very long in some cases - a list of the tab interface of old and new that comes in the same spirit as the main store. The settings tab is divided into two parts, the update will still be listed higher, but the rest is now known as "contemporary" below.

March 23, 2012

Popular Android Apps: Instagram Photo

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Instagram Android has more than 5 million times less than a week after his release downloaded. Not bad for a company that recently agreed to buy Facebook for $ 1 billion.

In comparison to your version of Android, iPhone app Instagram is very low. In IOS, Instagram took about six months to reach 5 million users, while Android lasted six days, according to statistics from Google shows Android Instagram play between 5 and 10 million ready to download. On his first day, Android Instagram 1 million downloads, while the version of IOS now watch over 30 million users.

Why the interest in Instagram? It's not like Instagram offers something different IOS and Android to take a picture. My colleagues have found nine great alternative to Instagram for Android and other options for iPhone users.