April 12, 2012

Galaxy Note Review: Android Smartphone

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Remember Galaxy is one of the largest single phone I had the privilege of using the hardware in question. The quality construction of the device, in general, feel great when held in hand, the accent of chrome on the side (which resembled the old iPod touch Series) I was able to withstand the phone to operate. Back where I was a little disappointed, but then the back of the device feels quite firm when it is clear to see that the plastic used on the back of the device is relatively inexpensive and articulated.

The hardware components will all happen at the time of your screen and that's where we start. Last year, Samsung Galaxy S, that blows away any other display is superb Super AMOLED screen which showed vivid colors ever seen on mobile. Do better than Samsung and note 2, Galaxy S Plus Super AMOLED screen again shows the border with vibrant colors and new technology to save energy. However, the screen resolution of Samsung for the best production forced once again to create what is probably the best representation possible in a phone at the moment, the Super AMOLED screen high definition.
The AMOLED screen is vibrant with color screen Super sized 1280x720 pixels, even in high definition display on a mobile phone, simply amazing. However, note that a large screen, Samsung has decided to add 80 extra wide screen with 1280x800 pixels and add to 285 per inch. Now, in my opinion, I do not see a screen that is so beautiful in my life (and I have the latest 1080p 3D TV from Samsung AMOLED.) Does the screen where you probably will not be beaten by a better 2/3 years (until he discovered how to get screen resolution of 1920x1080p) and if you have time to call into a phone shop and just play on the phone, do you recommend.

There are two things that really surprised me on the screen: display the sun and watching HD videos. Now, using the phone outside on a bright summer day, do not worry about not seeing that. He was honest and had a label on the screen of your phone, how it is active. Then, my other point is to see HD video on the screen is truly an experience to see, I often see your comments on YouTube and skits of humor, and see comments on the small screen phone is a great experience, I can see every detail of the text on the screen of the phone to test, so that small amounts of stone in the stabbing of phones. There are not enough words to describe this screen, you should really prove yourself.

Enough about the Super AMOLED screen HDTV, at the moment, let's look at another part of the phone. In front of the phone also includes the main screen, button, physically and capacitive buttons. The start button is the main perfectly fine to use and works every time you click. However, as other capacitive buttons on the phone, I had problems with them. My problem is that I often find myself accidentally pressing record vlog or video watching often, it is due to the fact that the backlight off while watching the film and, besides, I once had the keys missing because I do not know exactly where the border again. One last thing I have a HTC and I'm used to having to use a search button on the application of second and third games, but in all Samsung devices, there is no such button, I get it a very annoying in some applications, where the search button to find a quick link.

Also in front of the screen is the device to listen to the call. I felt a call during my time on the phone (or too scared to taste on my face) and achieve excellent results. I can hear what the other being the other part though I have three friends chatting with each other around me

On the back of the unit 8MP camera shake all the images are too big can be beautiful to look at the screen combine. Led lit room the image of good work light. In fact, one night I had a power failure and so I discovered that the telephone lead to light my way home sad and brighter than a torch to find my parents. Also in the back of the device is, in my opinion was speaker mesh was a real pleasure to use. I have a BlackBerry playbook that I often use to play music outside (if it can not be bothered to turn my computer) and play great music with a little low, I have a friend with an iPhone 4 known good amount can not bass and decent speakers and compare the two because they are too similar. I found that the tin would be lost as it is too hard or efficiently.

One thing I mentioned in the 1.4 GHz dual core processor and how it seems to me the expected results. This may be due to the big screen as he tried to run, but you would think if he produces screen phone with one wopping, wopping great to run with the processor. But I realized that the phone is often the link behind my application and not touch it once in a period when the application refers. In addition, return to the home menu screen is good work, rather than immediately, it will take time to take action, they also have time to create applications and widgets on the loading screen I often source of nuisance when I wanted to move quickly from one application to another quickly. Now it can be said to cause the big screen and all, but as I said earlier, at present, we expect our phones to do something almost immediately if you have a Nokia phone like the iPhone 4S time ('s seems to open all at once) is expected to be able to keep up with it.

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