April 6, 2012

Apple TV Jailbreak Apps - iOS Apps

Hackers have found some applications for IOS to HDTV via Apple TV jailbreak.

A developer called Steve Troughton-Smith and Nick "TheMudkip" the construction of the bridge with an alternative to the built in Apple seedlings (screen) Mobilex. A demonstration of Apple TV is jailbroken the latest version of Seas0nPass loose and running websites and applications such as Maps, YouTube, Facebook and Cydia via SSH and VNC connections.

As you see in the video, Mobilex problems with some delays and accidents, so he is not ready for the public. But developer enthusiasts can download the necessary application source for the Apple TV remote control to determine when Mobilex finally made its debut.

Apple TV offers some support for these functions to Mobilex FairPlay, but is limited to the iPhone and the iPad 2 4S - with the ability to rotate the upcoming OS X Lion - and not but a few applications are supported.

The problem with this is that the hack IOS application is controlled by touch, and without the use of intelligent (and cost) of the magic of Apple trackpad or second steering Ios Apple TV applications are not compatible with and not to function better in the worst case.

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