March 30, 2012

Up Date Google - Play Store : New Tabbed My Apps UI

Up Date Google - Play Store
Updated begins to push the game of push to build a store of Google 05/03/15. This is a change in the interface for the user area "My Apps" and some new useful features built into the application to be reviewed more in line with the desktop version. For us, outside of North America seems to change also the name of "Shop and Play" with much better sound "Play Shop".

The amendments replace "My Apps" is the most obvious change with the update. Gone are the only - and very long in some cases - a list of the tab interface of old and new that comes in the same spirit as the main store. The settings tab is divided into two parts, the update will still be listed higher, but the rest is now known as "contemporary" below.

The key to the left and we are now "all" tab. This contains all the useful application ever been installed. There are travel days all the way to the bottom of the list of installed applications are installed on your selection to find the payment application. It also includes all the free apps you have installed, but not this time. Everything here. This tab also useful drop-down menu above for a list of all of your Google account, giving a. Much softer and easier to change, without going through the menus

Upon leaving the store, subsequent changes can be found in the review application. Now the application on the fastener device in which auditors are used. The reviews can also be filtered by "the first of great help" or "Newest First", and also to the latest version of the application and device type only. This can be particularly useful for anyone with an ice cream sandwich, because we are still emerging that mismatch problems in some applications.

One last thing to remember. When I try to download the application after the upgrade, all flashing "Error 941". The police stop the application, clear the cache and start again seems to do the trick. Not great, but in any case appears to solve the problem.

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