March 23, 2012

Popular Android Apps: Instagram Photo

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Instagram Android has more than 5 million times less than a week after his release downloaded. Not bad for a company that recently agreed to buy Facebook for $ 1 billion.

In comparison to your version of Android, iPhone app Instagram is very low. In IOS, Instagram took about six months to reach 5 million users, while Android lasted six days, according to statistics from Google shows Android Instagram play between 5 and 10 million ready to download. On his first day, Android Instagram 1 million downloads, while the version of IOS now watch over 30 million users.

Why the interest in Instagram? It's not like Instagram offers something different IOS and Android to take a picture. My colleagues have found nine great alternative to Instagram for Android and other options for iPhone users.

But he saw the potential of Instagram Facebook. The social networking giant has announced that it will Instagram for about $ 1 billion in cash and stock. Although he says he Instagram remain independent for now, it remains unclear what Facebook wants to make your purchase.

Why buy Instagram Facebook?

Last year's report shows that Facebook is trying to bring Instagram photo-like filters for mobile use, or perhaps the only application that has similar functionality. Buy Instagram, it seems more likely now that the inclusion of self-image filters Facebook mobile application.

Dan Frommer believes that while the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook Win one of the greatest threats, only mobile phones, mobile social network based on twenty blur. Om Malik also advances the theory, saying Instagram find vulnerabilities and attacks on Facebook, mobile photo sharing, and Facebook are afraid because the social network is important for the photos.

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